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September 14, 2006

Health Supreme NewsGrabs - 14 September 2006

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In this issue: Hamer and the house of Savoy, the great bird flu hoax, antidepressants and violence, drug rep whistle blower, Glaxo Promotes Mental Disorders, Voltaren heart risk, seaweed for slimming, economy of solidarity, Texas: city stops fluoridation of water

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I got away with yacht killing, heir boasts in jail

Vittorio Emanuele, heir to the throne of the - abolished - Italian monarchy, who is in trouble over racketeering, corruption and prostitution, has admitted in a phone conversation that he got off the hook over the killing of Dirk Hamer. His father, Ryke Geerd Hamer, is a medical doctor persecuted for his unconventional views on the genesis of cancer and other illnesses.

The most recent act of persecution took its origin in Chambery Savoie, the French historical seat of the house of Savoy. The public prosecutor in that small French town brought a case where Hamer was judged in his absence. The good doctor was then arrested in Spain and extradited to France, where he spent more than a year in jail.

The Great Bird Flu Hoax
To date, there have been no recorded cases of H5N1 in the U.S. And seasonal flu is a relatively minor problem in the U.S. compared to other illnesses. Each year, approximately 2.4 million Americans die from a variety of different causes. Yet many Americans have been led astray by the media hype. The headlines are preoccupying our minds with the bird flu pandemic at a completely disproportionate level.

Reuters: Some antidepressants raise violence risk: study

Newer antidepressants, already suspected of raising the risk of suicide, may also cause a few people to become violent, researchers reported on Monday. They found that people who took GlaxoSmithKline's antidepressant Paxil were twice as likely to have what was called a "hostility event" as those given a placebo. Paxil, known generically as paroxetine, is in a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs.

The full research paper: Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law

Elderly man allowed home after drug-induced attack on his wife
A Thurston County Superior Court judge ordered that Eric Attwood, 83, could return home for the first time since his arrest for stabbing his wife in the neck as she slept on the morning of Oct. 3. Last month, a judge found Attwood not guilty by reason of insanity after agreeing his crime was motivated by an adverse reaction to the prescription antidepressant Wellbutrin.

Glaxo Promotes Mental Disorders - Then Paxil
"If you can define everyone who has the blues as having depression that needs to be treated, you've created a huge market. If you define everyone who is shy as having social anxiety disorder, that enlarges the market. There's probably not a soul alive who hasn't felt shy. If you listen to the pharmaceutical industry, many of the ordinary discontents of life are medical conditions that require drugs."

Former drug rep has horror stories to tell
After spending 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, selling some of the drugs she now says can be deadly, Olsen has blown the whistle on her old employers and published Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher: God's Call to Loving Arms. "I had a moral responsibility to tell people everything I knew," she said in a phone interview from her home in Texas. Olsen's niece set herself on fire and died after being on an antidepressant.

Vioxx-Like Risks Linked to Another Pain Pill
The widely used pain reliever diclofenac poses the same cardiovascular risk as the withdrawn drug Vioxx and should not be used by people with heart disease or high blood pressure, researchers reported Tuesday. Diclofenac, an older drug sold as Cataflam or Voltaren, increased patients' chance of heart attack by 40%, according to an analysis of 23 clinical studies — the same risk observed in patients who took low doses of Vioxx. The report was released early by the Journal of the American Medical Assn. because of its health implications.

Seaweed anti-obesity tablet hope
... rats given fucoxanthin - a pigment in brown kelp - lost up to 10% of their body weight ... The researchers, led by Dr Kazuo Miyashita, said it might take another three to five years before a slimming pill based on fucoxanthin was available to the public. The compound is found at high levels in several different types of brown seaweed. But it is absent from green and red seaweeds, which are also used in Asian cooking.

Kelp has been used as a slimming aid for decades, but apparently the real stuff isn't good enough. There has to be a pharmaceutical extract for it to be good business...

Other Economies are Possible!
Organizing toward an economy of cooperation and solidarity
Unlike many alternative economic projects that have come before, solidarity economics does not seek to build a singular model of how the economy should be structured, but rather pursues a dynamic process of economic organizing in which organizations, communities, and social movements work to identify, strengthen, connect, and create democratic and liberatory means of meeting their needs.


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Readers' Comments

Thank you for doing a GREAT Service. Getting the truth to the public is extremely important! Everyday I am amazed at how many people believe the miss information given to them about drugs by doctors. Interferon for the treatment of hepatitis c should be a criminal act. Its use is of a similar nature as many of the other topics discussed here.

Thank you for your work.


Posted by: Lloyd Wright on September 15, 2006 11:23 AM


Thank you Lloyd, for the Kudos.

Can you suggest a good article on hepatitis (or a few) to be highlighted for other readers here?

Posted by: Sepp on September 15, 2006 03:11 PM


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