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August 29, 2006

Health Supreme NewsGrabs - 29 August 2006

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Accutane linked to heart, liver risk
Accutane, the powerful acne drug already known to cause birth defects, seems to raise the risk for potential heart and liver problems more than doctors had expected, according to a new study.
The findings came from lab tests on 13,772 patients taking the popular acne drug and underscore the need to closely monitor people taking isotretinoin, which is sold as Accutane. Abnormal results for cholesterol and liver function were more common than expected.

Drug ads sell a problem, not a solution
It is an old saying in the advertising trade that you sell the problem, not the solution. That helps explain why the media today are awash with images of disease. Erectile dysfunction, depression, stress, attention deficit disorder, on and on - you can't escape them and the sense of looming peril that they conjure up.

Lawmakers Sever Ties Between CDC And Big Pharma
In the wake of overhauling the FDA, lawmakers are also cracking down on conflicts of interest within the Centers for Disease Control.

Got an Ant Problem? Use Aspartame
Makes you wonder if aspartame is a far safer, better alternative to getting rid of lawn and home pests than the average toxic pesticides found at your neighborhood hardware store...

More drugs get slapped with lawsuits
Drug makers are failing to disclose risks associated with drugs or have failed to test their drugs properly to find the risks in the first place. The result: Thousands of product liability lawsuits, more than the combined total for the next five big industries - Manufacturing, Chemicals, Construction, Financial Services and Insurance.

'The hungry can't eat Aids messages'
Good nutrition could be the only available life prolonging alternative to people living with HIV/Aids in rural areas, a senior officer for the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said ...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday August 29 2006
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