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August 08, 2006

Health Supreme NewsGrabs - 9 August 2006

Health Supreme's News Grabs will no longer appear daily. The work to put them together is turning out to be too demanding. The experiment continues with occasional reports on news and related bytes of information, depending on how much there is to report and how much time I find to put this together without added stress ...

Elderly 'should take probiotics'
Elderly people should take probiotic supplements, according to scientists.
They said the drinks, yoghurts or capsules could help protect older people against bowel conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. People over 60 have about 1,000-fold less "friendly" bacteria in their guts compared with other adults.

War in the Middle East - Ten Commandments or One Suggestion...
Here is a thing I just read and would like to share with you. The theme is serious - our seeming inability to avoid killing each other - but the treatment is ironic. Perhaps that is how these things need to be said. Despite or perhaps because of the irony, there are a lot of deep truths in Steve Bhaerman's The One Suggestion. It is not (yet) available anywhere on the net that I can see. So I put it up as a pdf. Anyway, if you like his humor, go take a look at his site - Wake Up Laughing Productions


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday August 8 2006

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