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August 06, 2006

Health Supreme Daily NewsGrabs - 6 August 2006

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Gay sentenced to jail for 'passing on HIV'

A West Sussex judge sentenced Mark James, 47, to four years and three months of jail for "recklessly passing on the HIV virus" to his boyfriend.

There are several things wrong with this: For one, AIDS is a collection of more than twenty previously known illnesses and is not caused by the HIV virus, according to a number of researchers. The "HIV test" finds non-specific stressed protein fractions and test manufacturers warn that the result does not prove infection with a virus. Judicial interference in the sex-life of two grown men opens the door to future vindictive prosecution by disenchanted lovers, alleging wrongdoing of their former partners.

Meth Promotes Spread of Virus in HIV-Infected Users

Still talking about the virus. Receptors, according to researchers at the University at Buffalo, are specific to both methamphetamine and the HIV virus, "promoting HIV infection". A more likely scenario is that suggested years ago by prof. Duesberg, according to which AIDS is caused directly by the action of drugs, methamphetamine being a major culprit. See also 'Crystal Meth': Aids Cases Rise in South Africa - Was Duesberg Right?

Stop Universal Mental Health Screening for Teens

Controversial, subjective and invasive probing of all teens, billed as suicide prevention, is the goal of the pharmaceutical lobby and its activist organizations who thrive on school referrals. EdWatch and other groups nationally have opposed federal funding and promotion of the TeenScreen program. Its defenders insist parents are fully involved, but the facts suggest otherwise.

Zyprexa Lawsuits - Eli Lilly May Lose Insurance Coverage

Mississippi's attorney general, Jim Hood filed a lawsuit in Lafayette County Circuit Court, claiming that Eli Lilly engaged in a calculated marketing plan to defraud the state Medicaid program out of millions of dollars for off-label uses of Zyprexa.

Eli Lilly says in its first quarter report for 2006 that it is having problems with insurance coverage. "We have experienced difficulties in obtaining product liability insurance due to a very restrictive insurance market," the report says, "and therefore will be largely self-insured for future product liability losses."

The lawsuit claims Lilly trained and instructed its primary care sales force to attempt to expand the drug's market by convincing primary care physicians to prescribe the drug for mood, thought and behavioral disturbances and that the company established a consistent sales message "based on patients' symptoms and behaviors, rather than on their confirmed diagnoses."

Healing Depression Without Drugs or Electric Shocks
First Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland, organized by the Wellbeing Foundation. 21 October 2006. One of the speakers will be Dr. Peter Breggin, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and the author of many ground-breaking books including Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac, The Ritalin Fact Book and The Anti-Depressant Fact Book.
from: Depression Dialogues


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Crystal Meth, which is a methamphetamine (SPEED) is chemically similar or identical to Ritalin. Thus will children and adults who take Ritalin test positive for HIV?

Posted by: Froggie on August 6, 2006 05:46 PM


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