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August 01, 2006

Health Supreme Daily NewsGrabs - 2 August 2006

Health Supreme's Daily News Grabs - a selection of alternative health news.

'Anti-obesity vaccine' developed
US researchers have developed a vaccine which prevents weight gain in rats, offering clues about human treatments. The vaccine prompts the body to produce antibodies against ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger and weight gain.

The medicalization of obesity is gearing up for business. Instead of changing our eating habits we will have more medicines to inject into those bodies and of course better business for pharma. Insanity I say.

New virus less than pandemic

Genetic modification of the H5N1 virus that is fairly widespread in birds has failed to create a virus that could cause a human pandemic. This sounds like a bit of good news, although Julie Gerberding of the CDC says: "We are far from out of the woods in H5N1 on a global scale."

Farmers use as much pesticide with GM crops, US study finds
One of the major arguments in favour of growing GM crops has been undermined by a study showing that the benefits are short-lived because farmers quickly resort to spraying their fields with harmful pesticides.

The big lie used to promote GM crops is starting to fall apart...

Bt Cotton in China Fails to Reap Profit After Seven Years
The GM crop is known as Bt cotton, shorthand for the Bacillus thuringiensis gene inserted into the seeds to produce toxins. But these toxins are lethal only to leaf-eating bollworms. After seven years, populations of other insects -- such as mirids -- have increased so much that farmers are now having to spray their crops up to 20 times a growing season to control them...

WTC rescuers suffered 12 years' worth of lung loss

Firefighters' lungs aged an incredible 12 years just being at the WTC site to do rescue and clean-up jobs. But then - the dust that covered New York City in a thick layer was not a normal consequence of a steel-and-concrete building collapsing. The crumbling towers were blown to smithereens, that is to a find dust, by pre-positioned explosives, a fact still today denied by the US government. (See this video on Google)

Appeal to freeze Rakon exports for Israeli bombs
Rakon is a New Zealand high-tech military materials producer making crystal oscillators for use in guided bombs. "The company has also been producing crystal oscillators specifically designed to withstand nuclear radiation. These are for use in guided bombs made from depleted uranium which are now being dropped on Lebanon and Palestine."


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