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July 30, 2006

Health Supreme NewsGrabs - 30 July 2006

Here is the third installment of my - still experimental - Health Supreme NewsGrabs, the alternative health news service. These are links to news and stories I find on my daily travels on the net.

Sweet And Deadly
An article about sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Excess sugar consumption is a definite problem. We consume sugar for the energy it provides, and because of the taste. Artificial sweeteners are worse in many respects. They are an attempt to satisfy the "sweet tooth" without giving any of the calories. But then - what's the point of ruining our health taking Aspartame just for that sweet taste, without even getting any energy out of it?

The New York Times has an article: Drug Makers Pay for Lunch as They Pitch about free lunches for doctors paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.
Vince Boehm comments: While the "free lunch" is not the worst case issue we are dealing with these days, it is typical of what has been happening for quite some time. This, along with the other freebees are really the tip of the iceberg. For an excellent read on this and other related topics, I'd recommend Dr. Jerome Kassirer's book, On The Take.  I'm rereading this great book for the second time. This Oxford Press published book is now available from Amazon for less than $10.00. Dr. Kassirer is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Tufts University and former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. Here is a MedScape audio link, featuring Dr. Kassirer.

Latest twists in the MMR debate
Scientists know the combined vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) can trigger autism and encephalitis but the vaccine culture is too strong to let the news out - it might ruin the widespread public assent to vaccination in general...

Paxil maker GlaxoSmithKline sued for birth defect
Antidepressant causes heart and lung birth defects in the children of women taking the antidepressant while pregnant. Parents of baby with birth defect sue the drug maker.

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